WASHINGTON, June 18, 2012 – The Chronicle of Higher Education and The Chronicle of Philanthropy, the nation’s leading news sources on higher education and charitable organizations, today announced the launch of new job-posting integrations with JobElephant and JobTarget that make it easier for the two partners to place and track job announcements.

The Chronicle’s job-posting integrations are possible through an application programming interface (API) that lets partners perform key ad-placement tasks through their own recruitment advertising systems, including the easy editing of ads for the Web.

With this feature,  JobElephant and JobTarget are able to use the API to post job announcements, which appear “live” on The Chronicle’s Web sites instantly.  

“The Chronicle’s first priority is to make life easier for our partners. In this case, allowing their in-house tools to place ads directly into our system was a no-brainer,” said Aastha Verma, director of business solutions at The Chronicle.

The proprietary API, developed over several months by The Chronicle’s software and development teams, is expected to expand The Chronicle’s overall recruitment-services function, and that of its partners. It makes it easy for partners to post large numbers of ads, with contract renewal and fulfillment alerts seamlessly included.
“Not only does it save time and money by reducing clients’ workload, it also addresses key pain points in billing and invoicing. And, as an added bonus, it allows our staff to provide an even higher level of service than before,” Verma said.
The partnerships with JobElephant and JobTarget are part of a  Chronicle campaign to improve customer access and efficiency. Implementation for partners involves a smooth, intuitive process. The new system also includes e-mail alerts informing customers of key deadlines on contract thresholds, contract fulfillment, and contract overage. The API will reduce billing errors and enhance efficiency and accountability for clients seeking to reap maximum return on investment for their digital recruitment-ad expenditures.

About The Chronicle of Higher Education and The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Chronicle of Higher Education, founded in 1966, is the largest recruitment-advertising platform in higher education. It serves more than 64,000 paid subscribers with its weekly print editions, and draws more than two million unique visitors per month to its Web site. The Chronicle’s online job listings are the market leader in higher-education career services, offering job alerts, portfolio-management tools, and online enhancements.

In addition to daily coverage of academe, The Chronicle publishes several special reports annually, including data packages on executive compensation and faculty salaries, as well as the results of the annual Great Colleges to Work For® survey.

Its sister publication, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, was founded 25 years ago and is the market leader in news and information about nonprofit organizations in the United States and abroad.  

Jennifer Fisher
Director of Sales Operations and Production
The Chronicle of Higher Education
The Chronicle of Philanthropy

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