National Association of Community Job Clubs

An Affiliate of the International
Association of Employment Web Sites (IAEWS)

What is the Mission of the National Association of Community Job Clubs?
The mission of the National Association of Community Job Clubs (NACJC) is to serve America’s working men and women - both those in transition and those seeking more success in their careers - by supporting the establishment and operation of Community Job Clubs that adhere to the very best practices of organizational design, program development, and service delivery.  It was founded at the suggestion of Diana Miller, the President of the Community Job Club in Stow, Ohio.


What is its Relationship to the IAEWS?
The NACJC is a sister organization of the International Association of Employment Web Sites (, the trade organization for the global online employment services industry. IAEWS members range from the American Medical Association, the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the Society for Human Resource Management to The Wall Street Journal,,,,, and Collectively, they power or operate over 60,000 employment sites worldwide.


Who is Eligible for Membership in the NACJC?
Membership in the NACJC is open to any Community Job Club that is operated by a faith-based, social service, civic or similar organization to provide job search and career self-management assistance to individuals in transition and/or seeking greater career success.


What Are the Benefits of NACJC Membership?
Here are just some of the benefits you’ll receive as a NACJC member:

  • An unlimited number of subscriptions to a biweekly e-newsletter on best practices in job search and career self-management, developed by the content experts at the IAEWS. You can sign yourself up and everyone else in your organization.
  • An organizational listing and link on the IAEWS Web-site, one of the most heavily trafficked employment-related sites on the Internet. Affiliate your organization with the only association in the online employment space that publically adheres to a Code of Ethics that protects job seekers.
  • Access to a Members Only LinkedIn group to share ideas and insights related to the operation and programming of Community Job Clubs. The NACJC is a peer community dedicated to supporting the effective operation of all of its members and the success of the working men and women they serve.
  • The opportunity to attend special NACJC meetings during the biannual conferences of the IAEWS and interact with thought leaders in the job search and career counseling fields. Job search and career self-management strategies and tactics are evolving rapidly as the world of work changes, and these conferences ensure that you’ll always be on top of the latest developments.
  • The right to post the NACJC member logo on your organizational or club Web-site, signaling your commitment to the highest standards of Community Job Club operation and programming. While it’s important to mean well when establishing a community job club, it’s also essential to do well and the NACJC logo signals your commitment to doing so.
  • Access to a custom-designed training program developed by one of the country’s foremost experts in Community Job Club design and operation and leading to certification as a Community Job Club Facilitator. Effective community job clubs don’t happen by serendipity, but instead depend upon the proven principles and practices provided by our certification program.


How Can Your Organization Apply for NACJC Membership?
NACJC membership is open to any organization that sponsors and/or operates a Community Job Club and meets the membership criteria stated above. The association is a member-supported organization so each Club pays an annual dues of $96 which covers individual participation by an unlimited number of Club facilitators, administrators and support personnel.  To reach our application form, please click here.


[Click here] to Download the seal/logo for NACJC


Where Can You Get Additional Information?
For additional information, please contact Peter Weddle, Executive Director of the International Association of Employment Web Sites at:



  • 203-964-1888

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