Membership Information

Who qualifies for membership?

To qualify for participation in the International Association of Employment Websites, an organization must either:
  • own and/or operate one or more employment-related sites on the Internet or
  • own and/or operate one or more companies or sites that provide products or services to employment-related sites on the Internet.
An employment-related site is defined to be one that provides products or services that are delivered online and are designed to help:
  • Job seekers find a new or better job;
  • Members of the workforce achieve career success;
  • Employers identify, evaluate and/or select talent for their organizations;
  • Third party recruiters identify, evaluate and/or select candidates for their clients.
Further, the site must not be operated by a direct employer for the recruitment of its own employees or by a staffing firm or executive search agency for the exclusive execution of its search assignments.

What are the benefits of membership?

As an Association Member, you receive the following benefits:
  • The right to display the Association’s member icon on your site, recognizing your organization’s commitment to the highest standards of customer service, personal information security, and reporting accuracy.
  • Increased visibility and credibility through a proactive and continuous media campaign that will:
    • promote an annual International Employment Website Week to acknowledge the important contributions the industry makes to individual career advancement and organizational recruiting success;
    • provide information and commentary to journalists and other media representatives about the capabilities and services of employment Websites.
  • Access to private quarterly reports that will highlight research on recruiter and job seeker behavior online and their views of online employment services.
  • Representation on a site that is promoted to the public and the media as the trade organization of employment Websites. This site will:
    • Identify the Association’s members and recognize their commitment to the highest standard of operational excellence;
    • Explain the value proposition that differentiates employment sites from corporate career sites;
    • Provide educational content to help both job seekers and recruiters make best use of the services provided at employment Websites; and
    • Provide a venue for posting member press releases and announcements to the public.
  • The opportunity to participate in the development of industry standards and best practices that will be promulgated to the public and media by the Association.
  • The opportunity to participate in working groups and syndicated research projects that will develop appropriate responses to the challenges posed to the industry by competing service providers, proposed legislation and other factors.

Do Association Members pay dues?

Yes. Association Members pay annual dues based on their self-reported revenue/volume for the previous year. A schedule of dues is provided on the Association’s Member Application Form.

How can your organization apply to the International Association of Employment Websites?

The Association welcomes applications from any organization that provides employment-related products, services or information over the Web.

  • For organizations based in the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, Africa and the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific Region, please click here to reach our Member Application Form.
  • For organizations based in the European Union, please click here to reach our Member Application Form.

If you have membership-related questions, please direct them to the IAEWS Executive Director at

The IAEWS reserves the right to admit only those organizations it considers eligible and believes will promote the interests of its Members and the industry of which they are a part.

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