Creates Comprehensive Job Listing for Minority Group

MADISON, WI - October 5, 2011 – According to Frank McCoy, writer for The Root, “Blacks, and particularly African-American males, have suffered disproportionate rates of unemployment and underemployment historically, for [many] reasons that include a lack of connections… Thus many have marginal links to the labor force, and after negative experiences when trying to finding work, others have stopped looking.” is a website trying to combat this statistic. is a job-search engine designed to help African Americans find jobs in the workforce, as well as access advice from other African Americans already holding positions in different careers. The site lists available jobs in specific areas of the county and many varying job fields to provide an inclusive selection of jobs for those seeking employment. is being used to search for marketing jobs, teaching positions, and jobs in finance among other career paths, all of varying experience levels. Some of the largest cities, like Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and Atlanta show the most jobs available, but smaller cities like Gurnee, IL and Lexington, MA are included, as well.

" is a tool we hope will help job seekers connect with employers. Our aim is to help minorities find the job that fits them best by placing everything in one spot online, so there is no need to search around multiple job listing sites," said Eric Shannon, president of “We want to be the first and only place job seekers need go to find that fresh start with a new job.” is part of the network, and reaches thousands of new people monthly. The site had nearly 4,000 new visitors in April 2011 alone. The site is in direct competition with other job search engines, but helps a smaller population within the United States, allowing more people of that demographic to be better served.



Launched by LatPro Inc. in June of 2009, operates a network of job-related websites which gives jobseekers an easy way to find the most meaningful jobs based on their needs. Established in 1997, LatPro got its start as a leader in Hispanic jobs with the website. Today the company has a strong presence in diversity job fairs and general-purpose jobs search engines with and sister site

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